Imagine living in a community where improving people’s well-being is a common goal. Where residents of all ages strive to be healthy and fit. Where troubling social issues are being actively addressed. Where parents have the resources to nurture and raise children who are strong in both mind and body. Where those fighting chronic diseases get support and education to help lead life to the fullest. Where people in need can find advocates and hope.

This is the community we all want New Braunfels to be.  And we at McKenna have joined with other area organizations to put our resources, our aspirations and our hearts into achieving it.  Because when people come together with a common purpose, miracles can happen.
That’s why we’re here.

For over fifty years, when people in New Braunfels heard the name McKenna, “hospital” is probably one of the first words that came to mind. Since the local hospital bore that name, it comes as no surprise. Healthcare has certainly changed in the years since a group of visionary community leaders founded New Braunfels Hospital in 1953 and since 1972, have called it McKenna Memorial Hospital.

But what has never changed is our commitment to not just addressing the health needs of New Braunfels, but to also help everyone in our community lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

To do that, we’ve had to be nimble and flexible; to take everything we’ve learned and adapt it to sometimes rapidly changing conditions and situations.

It’s been an extraordinary journey, and we are even more excited about the next stage in the evolution of McKenna, as we transition from concentrating on health and wellness to a new and comprehensive focus on well-being.

Where we’re going.
Well-being can mean a lot of things. In this website you will get an idea of what well-being looks like to us, and how we hope to help it grow in New Braunfels. In the broadest terms, our goal is to have a hand in addressing key issues, providing needed resources, developing programs and breaking down barriers – helping provide the tools that will allow all of us to improve our community and our lives.

This isn’t something we are doing on our own. We envision our support benefitting everyone in our community in a wide variety of ways, both directly and through partnerships with local organizations.

To do this, we’re uniting with strong partners—schools, community leaders, local non-profits, families and individuals. In other words, everyone. The well-being of our community can only be achieved with the committed involvement of all citizens.

The sale of McKenna Hospital to CHRISTUS Santa Rosa, with their experience and extensive resources, ensures that the long-term healthcare needs of our community will be met.

This sale has provided an additional asset to our community that is significant and far-reaching. It has provided the basis for providing the financial support needed to create the McKenna Legacy Foundation and fulfill its purpose in perpetuity.  It has also allowed us to develop or support programs that will benefit our community in ways we never could before or that we never even imagined.


Who is McKenna?
In the early 1950s, New Braunfels had a growing healthcare need. H.C. McKenna and the original hospital board members had the vision and drive to anticipate the city’s continued growth and the demands that it would create for quality local healthcare. The community responded with its support and the hospital opened in 1953.

Over the decades, the hospital continued to grow and improve the level of health services available to New Braunfels’ families.  At the turn of the century, we changed the way McKenna delivered services at the hospital, continuing a tradition of innovative thinking.

At the same time, McKenna Health System began an initiative to address overall wellness in the community.

We made great strides. Most recently, we ensured reliable, long-term delivery of high quality healthcare through the sale of the hospital to CHRISTUS Santa Rosa. That left the medical needs of the community in very capable hands, and paved the way for the next chapter in McKenna’s service to New Braunfels.


The evolution of a new vision.
Much like in 1953, our community has acute health and social needs. And just like it was then, McKenna has the vision and drive to tackle well-being issues. No, it’s not the same people leading the way, but a similar group of your neighbors, colleagues and friends are standing on the shoulders of those who came before them, continuing their legacy. This is a long-term commitment. What won’t change is our dedication to the people of New Braunfels.

You’re seeing some new things from McKenna, and we’ll continue to unveil even more. But don’t confuse this as being something radically new or an abrupt departure from what we have been doing. It’s a transition, to be sure, and very much a continuation of what started over a half century ago. In the evolution of any organization, you’ll see relatively quiet periods interspersed with significant benchmarks and level-jumps. The sale of the hospital provided McKenna with an extraordinary opportunity for New Braunfels.

Even before, but certainly since then, we have been planning how to leverage the depth and breadth of our experience to bring about positive change in our community in ways we weren’t previously able to, and in ways we’d never even thought of. 

Setting goals guided by community needs.
We’ve strived to be very thoughtful about what this next phase will look like. We consulted civic leaders, educators, healthcare providers and community organizations, here and elsewhere. We partnered in conducting a community needs assessment. We explored a lot of different options about which direction we might choose.

We see where community needs are being met, and where there are gaps, and we will try to anticipate what issues will gain prominence in the future.

Through all of the talk and research and analysis, the discussions keep leading in the direction of community well-being, beyond the traditional definitions.

Key issues.
Our selected focal issues represent metrics that in some ways reflect our ultimate success in delivering on our purpose. The challenges we expect to address span both health and social issues. While some are difficult to categorize or may be a bit of both, we are committed to finding ways to address these issues, which negatively impact the well-being of those involved and the people around them.

Health issues

  • Cardio-vascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia / Alzheimer’s
  • Obesity
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Access to basic primary care
  • Access to basic nutrition

Social or blended issues

  • Teen pregnancy
  • Abuse of another person
  • Substance abuse
  • Violence
  • Education
  • Dignified end of life

Success measured by improved lives.
This is a vision that is truly aspirational, so measurements will in most cases be difficult to determine. We believe that the proof of success will be best expressed by the thoughts and the words of the people in this community.  So we are working to do all we can to build or assist others with programs that will lead to comments like those on the following page.

While there are many individuals who are at high risk in one health or societal category or another, there is no one who is not at risk or at least close to someone who is. Everyone has areas in which they can improve and enhance their well-being. So, in a word, we serve everyone either directly or indirectly.


Information for leadership at McKenna coming soon.


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Job opportunities

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The term “well-being” has different meanings to different people. And each interpretation is based on one’s personal needs and goals. To some, it relates to physical fitness. To others, it revolves around a sense of worth and security. Still others may see it as the knowledge and support to help maintain their health.

At McKenna, our focus is on promoting the well-being of the New Braunfels community, no matter how that term is interpreted. For each. For all. For life.

We want to think about the well-being of our community in a number of ways, from many different perspectives. It’s not our plan to narrowly define a scope of interest. We want to remain nimble and flexible; to address issues now and to be able to adapt as needs change or arise in the future.

Well-being relates to more than health.

You might think of your personal health when you hear the term “well-being,” and that will certainly be one area of interest. We’ve learned a lot about issues related to physical and mental health in the 55+ years since the hospital opened its doors, and you can be assured that we will continue to offer and support programs that will promote healthy living. That’s important for individuals, families and the community as a whole.

But we will also challenge everyone to think about “health” in broader terms than we might have in the past, far beyond the traditional definitions related to the treatment and prevention of illness and infirmity. “Well-being” covers so much more and offers sweeping benefits to our community.

What does well-being look like?

  • We have easy access to primary, preventative, non-acute public health services.
  • We live in a clean, safe, physical environment.
  • Basic nutrition – both food and education – is available to everyone in an affordable and respectful manner.
  • People of all ages have access to programs that stimulate and challenge them educationally, socially, recreationally and creatively.
  • The community embraces the pursuit of health and healthy life choices.

Some primary obstacles to well-being:

  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • Unchallenged minds
  • Lack of tools to improve well-being
  • Isolated family members & fractured families
  • Tightening budgets limiting government and Non-profit services.

Through our services, facilities, programs and by partnering and supporting other like-minded community organizations, McKenna is dedicated to making the resources necessary to achieve well-being affordable and accessible to everyone.  Here is an overview of those services and programs.  Each has a link to allow you to explore the service in more depth and obtain contact information.

McKenna Legacy Foundation

Visit the McKenna Legacy Foundation site
The McKenna Legacy Foundation exists to advance the well-being of the New Braunfels community. The sale of McKenna Memorial Hospital created a fund that became the foundation’s gifting source. The Board of Trustees of the McKenna Legacy Foundation is committed to ensuring this is a perpetual fund and that a sizeable amount of the proceeds from financial investments will be gifted to fund the vision of promoting well-being within the community. In addition to McKenna’s own initiatives, dozens of great organizations and existing service providers in New Braunfels share these goals and aspirations. The Foundation will reach out to participate and fund programs, educational efforts and services to deliver on the promise of well-being for our community.

McKenna Institute

Visit the McKenna Institute site
The focus of the McKenna Institute is to help area organizations that offer valuable services and programs to the community enhance their capabilities. This is accomplished by providing capacity building tools, expertise and resources that would not be obtainable otherwise.

McKenna New BraunFit

Visit the McKenna New BraunFit site
New BraunFit was created to promote activity and wellness in body, mind and spirit. The facilities, classes and services of New BraunFit are designed to enhance a healthy lifestyle and foster well-being for a lifetime.
McKenna Center:
Located in the heart of New Braunfels, McKenna Center is truly the center of activity for New BraunFit. Its two full size gymnasiums, and meeting facilities provide a unique destination for health and wellness oriented programs for all ages. The meeting and classrooms of McKenna Center provide a forum for not only New BraunFit’s programs but serve as a “town center” for groups and activities representing the entire community.
Wellness Classes:
From high-energy cardio workouts to Tots in Motion classes for toddlers, New BraunFit offers something for everyone to enhance physical activities including Senior Fit Check, Pilates, organized walking and yoga-inspired Mind & Body classes. Programs change throughout the year with new ones being introduced on an ongoing and seasonal basis.
Educational Classes:
Having the right knowledge, facts and resources is vital to making smart decisions relating to improving ones well-being. McKenna New BraunFit offers virtually thousands of hours of classes, seminars and workshops devoted to health and wellness annually, including parenting classes such as Precious Minds, New Connections, car seat installation clinics, specialized cooking demonstrations and educational seminars for those battling chronic disease and more.

McKenna Prescription Access

Visit the McKenna Prescription Access site
The skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs has kept lifesaving medications out of the hands of many who depend on them. McKenna Prescription Access was created to help the elderly, the non-insured, the under-insured and those with financial needs find ways to afford and receive prescribed drugs. It is a free service and works by helping qualified participants access patient assistance programs offered by most major drug companies.

McKenna Children’s Museum

Visit the McKenna Children’s Museum site
Discover a world of art and creativity, science and technology, culture, health and history. Welcome to the McKenna Children’s Museum – a collection of educational exhibits designed to stimulate learning and encourage imagination. McKenna partnered with the community to develop this unique and magical hands-on environment. Exhibits include areas of science and technology, cooking and healthy eating habits, art and culture, gardening, and so much more. McKenna Children’s Museum-a learning environment that’s bursting with fun.

McKenna Village

Visit the McKenna Village site
A 10-acre campus nestled in the Texas Hill Country, McKenna Village offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Enhancement residences for seniors with all the amenities of a first-class resort. With over 50 years of quality healthcare management, McKenna is committed to providing the residence options, services, recreation and educational opportunities to nurture the overall well-being of our senior community. Residents enjoy a new way of life in a relaxing, carefree environment.

McKenna Events Center

Visit the McKenna Events Center site
Welcome to the McKenna Events Center – conveniently located in the heart of New Braunfels, Texas. This distinctive multi-use facility with 14,000 square feet of indoor-outdoor space provides the perfect environment for any event. From wedding receptions and class reunions, to conferences and educational seminars, McKenna’s friendly team of professional planners can help you down to the last detail. It’s the perfect place to create lasting memories.


Links to other local and national resources that are beneficial to well-being are coming soon.

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